1st Conference on Public Management. Public Private Partnerships debate

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The Conference on Public Management, co-organized jointly with the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Specialist Center on PPP in Smart and Sustainable Cities (PPP for Cities), aims at creating a space for reflection and knowledge on good practices in local management within the framework of public-private partnerships. The meeting will represent a channel for the local government to have at its disposal the existing knowledge on excellence in public management and at the same time to serve as a meeting point for professionals in the sector that allows them to share experiences, learn from experts and discuss proposals, in order to generate opportunities to implement improvements in the management of their public services.

This Report is a transcript of the “1st Conference on Public Management. Public-private partnership debate” that took place on October 5, 2016. The elements of debate of this first Conference pivoted around assessing the capacity and need for a concession by the Public Administration or the keys to its renegotiation. During the Conference, a roundtable discussion was also held with experts on PPPs, where real cases of concessions and renegotiations were exposed, and the participants themselves were able to participate in the debate that was opened at the end of each intervention. The activity was addressed to employees of the public administrations, both political representatives and municipal managers.

The Report has gathered the contributions of all the speakers during the conference, as well as the participants in the debate. It should to be read as a transcript, taking into account that the participants used colloquial expressions common to debates and oral presentations


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Shaping the Cities of Tomorrow: Renewable Energies and Sustainable Urban Ecosystems

A total of 29 case studies are analyzedin Shaping the Cities of Shaping the cities of tomorrowTomorrow: Renewable Energies and Sustainable Urban Ecosystems, a report prepared by IESE’s Specialist Center on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Smart and Sustainable Cities. These case studies help illustrate good practices in the consumption and production of energy for more sustainable cities.

Data collected from these cases allow the report’s authors to share insights that are applicable elsewhere, including a series of recommendations for policy officers. With over half of the world’s population already living in cities, and more to follow, smart solutions can help urban ecosystems improve the quality of life for inhabitants.

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